We Create the Unfair Ideas
that Give Our Clients
an Unfair Advantage

Carmichael Lynch Relate is a full-service marketing communications firm rooted in public relations. With an evolving nature and lofty objectives, the firm builds powerful relationships between people and brands through creative ideas that give our clients the advantage. Our work engages communities and drives actions and produces business results for our clients.


Public relations requires highly specialized expertise in many different disciplines. We house skill, talent and ability across a wide range of practice and industry groups.

Carmichael Lynch

At Carmichael Lynch Relate, we get part of our name from award-winning advertising agency Carmichael Lynch. While we remain two stand-alone agencies, we have the ability to snap together to fulfill our clients’ broad range of needs. It’s a unique, collaborative approach that provides our clients brilliant ideas across the full range of modern marketing channels, paid, owned and earned.


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Client Experience

Clients are our reason for being, and we are proud to represent some of the most iconic brands in the world. We immerse ourselves in our clients' businesses as well as how people relate to them. We shop for them. We experience them. We observe others with them. We live them.

Our People

An agency is its people. And these are ours. Thinkers, makers, dreamers, artists, analysts, coffee-consumers, and a surprising amount of bikers from all over, from all walks of life, who make Carmichael Lynch Relate what it is today.

Marcus Fischer
Chief Executive Officer

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Julie Batliner, APR

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Marty Senn
Chief Creative Officer

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Grete Lavrenz
General Manager, Food and Nutrition Practice Chair

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John Green
Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer

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Carol Frazer Haynesworth
Director of Multicultural Strategy and Inclusion

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Jill Schmidt
Executive Vice President, Corporate Practice Chair

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Beth Garcia
Executive Vice President, Home and Design Practice Chair

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Erika Collins
Senior Director of New Business

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Lachlan Badenoch
Chief Strategy Officer

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Neil Goodspeed
Director of Media, Senior Partner

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Orlee Tatarka
Director of Integrated Production

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Emily Moe
Director of Human Resources
Sydney Benson
Account Executive
Sabrina Diaz
Assistant Account Executive
Greta Diers
Senior Account Supervisor
Jay Ditzer
Lauren Fontaine
Senior Account Executive
Courtney Green
Senior Account Supervisor
Régine Labossière
Associate Director of Media Relations
Emma Loude
Senior Account Executive
Rebecca Lunna
Senior Vice President
Matt O'Keefe
Account Executive
Barb Senger
Team Assistant
Emily Stucky
Assistant Account Executive
Megan Weber
Vice President, Deputy Chair, Home and Design Practice
Lauren Woods
Management Supervisor
Laura Green
New Business Supervisor
Olga Leykind
Associate Media Director
Dan Branovan
Senior Content Specialist
Charles Veit
Mac Systems Operations Manager
Kristen Guthrie
Human Resources Manager
Charlie Wolfe
Senior Manager of Print Production Services
Amy Lofstuen
Senior Presentation Specialist
Brenna Smithson
Director of Brand Planning
Milton Un
Design Director
Laura Norton
Director of Office Services
Eden Thompson
Planning Director
Whitley Mike
Senior Designer
Ashley Solem
Creative Manager
Tracy Krulich
Group Media Director
Ed Huerta Margotta
Director of Recruiting
Sarah Poluha
Planning Director
Nellie Murray
Associate Media Director
Marie Spain-Maas
Accounting Supervisor
Meagan Pagliara
Planning Director
Steve Diedrich
Information Technology Director
Bob Ringer
Associate Social Director
Bridgit Flom
Jennifer Abbey
Senior Project Manager
Katlyn Plourde
Media Supervisor
Lisa Mason
Executive Integrated Producer
Vicki Cahill
Accounting Manager
Dave Lewis
Senior Content Producer/Art Production
Gemma Forbush
Social Strategist
Rich McGeheran
Director of Interactive Production
Maria Erikson
Content Studio Manager/Photographer
Patti Bettiga
Corporate Controller
Kelsey Doherty
Senior Project Manager
Gabriela Trejo
Lauren Gause
Office Services Specialist
Mark Allen
Mac Support Specialist/Network Administrator
Matt Avignon Petersen
Associate Social Director
Maria Pazos
Planning Director
Ali Gomez
Social Specialist
Andrew Lapham
Associate Media Director
Maya Rait
Senior Content Specialist
Irene Salido-Buettner
Social Specialist
Sharon Boucher
Executive Assistant/Admin Manager
Dominique Anzano
Senior Executive Content Producer
Lauren Bettenga
Media Relations Strategist
Mason Pint
Community Manager
Seta Djaferian
Human Resources Coordinator