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Bringing Sexy Back to the Box

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IBM Power Systems is arguably the best option for implementing enterprise-wide artificial intelligence (AI). It can do in seven hours what it takes the competition 10 days to do.  However, “the cloud” dominates the AI conversation, and this ground-based solution was getting bypassed by IT buyers for sexier “cloud” options, despite its distinct advantage.

Our challenge: Make the box sexy to key prospects and ultimately drive sales leads.


Our highly skilled buyers are often treated like tech-focused nerds, so we wanted to treat them like the rock stars they are at an international conference on high-performance computing and AI.

So we reached out to an exotic car rental company for super-fast cars. We secured two Lamborghinis and a Ferrari, skinned them in custom Power Systems wrap and set up a valet stand at the convention entrance.

As attendees slogged their way into the conference, they heard the cars revving up and whipped out their cameras, lighting up the social universe. They thought the cars were photo ops, but when they were invited to “experience fast” for themselves, they rushed to IBM’s booth to get a ticket to ride and learn more about Power Systems’ capabilities.

The supercar line didn’t stop for three days. We even had to it shut down for a few hours to give the cars a break. It was the talk of the conference; a smashing success.


– 330 sales leads, up 156% from the previous year’s conference.
– 13MM+ impressions, up 760%.
– IBM owned 10% of the entire conference social conversation, up 176%.
– Power Systems was approached by IBM’s international marketing and sales teams to recreate the event in their respective countries.