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Changing the Premium Cheese Conversation

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American specialty cheese lovers rarely shop for cheeses by brand, instead opting to purchase based on style, packaging and price. The challenge: raise awareness for Castello®, a brand of premium, creatively crafted cheeses and compel cheese lovers to change how they shop.


Cheese enthusiasts were invited to New York City’s Grand Central Terminal to literally “Eat the Art” at a creatively crafted, epicurean gallery showcasing edible works of art fashioned entirely out of Castello cheese. Paying homage to the Castello heritage of tradition and innovation, Eat the Art featured edible representations of still life pieces from such revered painters as Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, Raphaelle Peale and Antoine Vollon.The high-impact experience and consumer sampling event was scheduled just prior to the Fancy Food Show in order to take advantage of the influx of foodie tourists.


Earned media outreach resulted in 320 placements and more than 27 million impressions from outlets including Yahoo! News, CNBC, NY1, Gothamist and the Associated Press. Social engagement efforts garnered nearly 4 million impressions. More than 500,000 people visited the gallery and more than 40,000 literally “ate the art” by enjoying Castello creatively crafted cheese samples.