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Choose Go with #MyHeroConoco

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Conoco, a fuel brand with 2,400 gas stations primarily in the mountain region, needed to reach a younger audience: 18-to-24-year-olds. Often immune to marketing and not likely to engage with brands, they embrace couch culture over real-life connections.

In a world of stay, we needed them to Choose Go. To fill up the tank and pile into the car and go friends-ing. To reconnect rather than disconnect. Our challenge: increase brand perception, drive social engagement and generate positive conversation.


Rather than force advertising-like objects at our audience, we analyzed their interests and behaviors. Conoco’s target audience is passionate about Japanese-style manga and anime, so we created a social content series, #MyHeroConoco, featuring manga characters.

In year 1, we released #MyHeroConoco Vol. 1 online and then brought it offline by creating a limited-edition physical manga that consumers could only get through our social contest. Lucky winners received their limited-edition manga as well as a surprise: an enamel pin of their beloved Conoco heroes to wear as a badge of honor on their apparel, or in some cases, car seats.

In year 2, we identified Denver Pop Culture Con, a convention celebrating manga and anime, to further bring #MyHeroConoco into the real world. We created an interactive experience at the show, where fans could meet their favorite hero characters in real life, take photos and get autographs.


  • 64% increase in interest of Conoco compared to industry average
  • #MyHeroConoco drove over 163K+ social engagements and a 41% increase in engagement rates Y/Y
  • Led to a Net Sentiment of 93% for Conoco
  • 58% increase in standout/difference among competitors