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Lorissa's Kitchen

Netting Results Through Influencers

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The launch of the Lorissa’s Kitchen brand in 2016 created a truly portable protein snack women could call their own. Our challenge: Break through the clutter by telling the brand’s story in a highly appealing and authentic way that would resonate with our new target audience.


Leverage the power of influencers by having women talk to other women. We found an immediate and natural brand advocate in Lisa Leslie — a WNBA legend, four-time Olympic Gold medal winner and a contestant on NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice” — whom Lorissa’s Kitchen’s namesake founder, Lorissa Link, met through the brand’s integration on the show.

Following the show, the brand decided to partner with Leslie to highlight the brand’s clean-label and responsibly sourced attributes. We created short-form video and social content in our in-house lab to engage her loyal followers on her channels and the brand’s. We also booked a satellite media tour during the WNBA playoffs.


Lorissa’s Kitchen and Lisa Leslie were a dream team: Social content featuring Leslie chatting about the brand, sharing it with her kids about the perfect snack and her Celebrity Apprentice involvement generated 75 clicks per post to Amazon, and site traffic skyrocketed. The satellite media tour netted over 100 million viewers, more than four times our goal. In the first week after the January 23 Celebrity Apprentice episode, Lorissa’s Kitchen saw over $14K in sales, representing a 2.5X lift over the previous week-high sales results on Amazon.