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Making an Impact with Major Media

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The concussion conversation is an important discussion happening across many levels, from youth to professional sports. Prevent Biometrics developed a mouthguard that accurately measures and records head-impact data to assist researchers, coaches and others as they look to create a safer sports environment for athletes at all levels.

Prevent Biometrics introduced its revolutionary product to detect possible concussion-causing impacts in real time at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, and our team garnered solid earned media results around the initial launch. Fast-forward to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, where our challenge was to build on the 2017 coverage and garner top-tier earned media coverage for Prevent’s new Gen 1.2 Head Impact Monitor System, offering advanced head-impact analytic capabilities to sports teams.


At the heart of the Gen 1.2 system is an advanced high-tech mouthguard that measures head impacts on individual players, notifying coaches and/or trainers in real time via a team app if individual players receive a potential concussion-causing impact and should be assessed for a possible concussion.

The visual nature of contact sports lent itself perfectly to create an interactive crash-test dummy demonstration for media and booth visitors to safely deliver a blow to the crash-test dummy’s head via a mallet and instantly see the Gen 1.2 system in real-time action.

To encourage media to visit the booth, we shared embargoed materials ahead of time and participated in a pre-show media event to personally connect with contacts. We continued outreach during the show and shared social media content live from the show, amplified through paid on owned channels.


Coverage from Carmichael Lynch Relate’s efforts garnered more than 1 billion earned media impressions, more than doubling results from 2017. Highlights included Wired Magazine’s Best of CES, Engadget’s Best of CES, Futurism’s Top Transformative Tech Trends, multiple CNN segments, a feature on Wired.com and ABC’s “Live with Kelly & Ryan,” featuring Kelly Ripa taking a whack at the crash-test dummy on air.