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BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse

Name Your Baby Quinoa

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BJ’s was known for pizza, beer and its world-famous Pizookie – not exactly considered health foods. Despite adding new EnLIGHTened menu of entrees featuring trendy, better-for-you ingredients like quinoa, BJ’s hadn’t achieved sufficient mass awareness to alter brand perceptions. Our challenge: generate buzz AND drive sales.


Around that same time, worldwide news outlets announced Royal Baby #2 had arrived, but the name wouldn’t be released for 72 hours. As speculation soared, we wondered if the baby would be named after a food, like other celebrity babies named Apple, Brie and even Kale. This gave birth to our idea: invite expectant parents to “Name Your Baby Quinoa” for the chance to win $10,000 in BJ’s gift cards to inspire them to try the new menu.


By pitching the story to mainstream and social media, the promotion garnered 511 million earned impressions from top tier news outlets including USA Today, MSN, Time, Fox News, People and Huffington Post. During the promotion period EnLIGHTENED menu sales increased 25 percent. Did any expectant parents take up the offer? BJ’s didn’t receive any Quinoa birth certificates to prove it, so it donated the $10,000 to a children’s charity instead.