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U.S. Bank

The Power of Possible

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U.S. Bank was widely known, but few people knew what it stood for or how its products differed from other banks. Our challenge: humanize the brand, drive consideration by raising awareness of its purpose and establish it as a true financial partner.


“The Power of Possible,” an inspirational campaign with messaging based on the way real people actually think about their finances – and how the bank could help them turn the impossible into possible through small measured steps and determination.

Activations in test markets helped convince consumers that U.S bank was the right partner for each step of their life goals. In “We’ve Got This,” bankers visited small-business customers’ stores and paid patrons’ tabs, no questions asked; in the #Extra$100 contest, consumers were asked to share a goal they could start working on if they had an extra $100, for the chance to win that sum; and in “Public Possibilities,” local artists illustrated the “Power of Possible” theme across an iconic public bridge.


Awareness, consideration and in-branch traffic grew more than 10 percent in test markets, and consideration among consumers who saw the campaign grew nearly 30 percent. Social and digital activations exceeded positive mention goals by 169 percent, engagement rates by 114 percent and increased brand sentiment by 41 percent.