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U.S. Bank and Carmichael Lynch Launch The Nostalchic Collection

Published on November 6th, 2017

U.S. Bank and AOR Carmichael Lynch are giving consumers a way to keep the nostalgia of their dated decor when they remodel their home. “The Nostalchic Collection” of home accents celebrates the kitschy nostalgia of homes in need of a remodel by transforming some of the most loved, or horrid, features from a customer’s “before” photo into accent and design items to be used in the room “after.” 

 The campaign’s objective is to educate consumers about the bank’s Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) products, create engagement with the brand in an unexpected way and ultimately lead to new customers. 

 “Every home has a quirk that the owners love to hate—the crazy wallpaper, the outdated floor that’s so ugly you can’t help but love it,” said Michael Shepard, senior vice president of product management at U.S. Bank. “This contest is a fun way to look at the old and envision the new.”

To participate in the promotion, customers upload a photo of their retro décor and tag it #Nostalchic. U.S. Bank and agency teams will engage with the entrants as they come in, and fifteen will receive a custom home accent item from the Nostalchic collection made from a pattern in their room photo. Users are also automatically entered for a chance to win $25,000 to put towards a remodel project. 

 “When you think about doing a home remodel, the first place you go is a design blog, so we created a social forward platform that looks and functions the same way as your favorite design app,” said Carmichael Lynch creative director, Brian Lambert. 

“The goal is to catch people in that initial design, dream stage of a home project and strike up a financial conversation about how U.S. Bank can play a role in making their imagined space a reality,” added Carmichael Lynch creative director, Tom Sebanc.

 U.S. Bank will be advertising the campaign on home design and retail websites, such as Wayfair and HGTV, as well as paid social placements driving customers to the campaign’s website to learn more, http://www.getnostalchic.com.

 This is an extension of the U.S. Bank’s Power of Possible campaign, which speaks directly to U.S. Bank’s customers and their values, bringing together the financial strength and stability of the bank’s business, its strong ethical framework and its customer-centric philosophy.