Making Window
Replacement Better




Making Window Replacement Better

Nobody wants to replace their windows. Window replacement is a daunting, jargon-filled journey homeowners dread. But as the housing inventory ages, many will find themselves in need of replacement windows.

Marvin, a premier window replacement partner, lets its quality products do the selling rather than hard-sales tactics that are common in window marketing.

With Marvin, there is simply a better way to replace your windows. We enlisted trusted home and lifestyle influencer and HGTV-TV “Design Star” winner Emily Henderson to bring fans through a complete replacement process with Marvin windows in her mountain home, creating an idyllic family retreat.

Through a multifaceted campaign, Emily shared everything from her design vision and learnings to the gorgeous payoff, showcasing her window replacement journey in an authentic way.

Irreplaceable results: 9.3M+ earned media impressions, including top home and design outlets; and 2.3M social impressions, 72.9K engagements and 16.8K clicks to content.