Our culture and
your career

Our agency culture is a magnet for diverse talent. At Carmichael Lynch Relate, we believe it’s possible to do industry-leading work and treat our people really well at the same time. It’s what we do every day.


The ALLOY committee, which focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion, was founded at our agency in 2010 with six employees. Today, nearly 20% of the agency participates. ALLOY by definition is a metal made by combining metallic elements to give greater strength or resistance. Through ALLOY, we strive to make Carmichael Lynch Relate stronger together.


Our driving mission is our belief that Carmichael Lynch Relate is a catalyst for continued change, learning and collaborative thinking. We welcome people for all that they are and we expect and embrace diversity that enables a mutual respect among all people.

Take Flight: An Inclusive Communications Career Exploration

Carmichael Lynch Relate led the charge on gathering a group of six leading agencies who co-founded the Take Flight: An Inclusive Communications Career Exploration program, a nine-month paid externship for college students. The program helps participants learn about public relations with the goal of helping to diversify the communications industry to better represent the world and the messages we put into it.

Ambassadors of Fun

We insist on having fun. Our Carmichael Lynch Relate “Ambassadors of Fun” make sure enjoyable experiences are part of the time we spend together as colleagues. We take painting lessons, join book clubs and make holiday cookbooks together. We even know each other’s dogs, cats, birds and other creatures by name and personality.

Our Leadership Team

Are you ready for a constant stream of inspiration? The work is demanding and the winters can be cold, but we can promise that as hard as it is to get a job at Carmichael Lynch Relate, it’s even harder to convince yourself to leave.