How do you help Gen Z teens choose the post-secondary education and career path that is best for them?

ECMC Group
Question The Quo

Elevating Gen Z Voices Through Authentic Storytelling

We partnered with ECMC Group to bring the “Question The Quo” campaign to life through TikTok influencers and a documentary-style video to counter the perception that a four-year college education is the only path to success. Due to the pandemic, mental health challenges and concerns about the rising cost of college and student debt, many Gen Z teens were looking for alternatives but didn’t know where to turn. This work activated TikTok influencer voices to help shift the societal narrative by showing many paths to career success and empowering Gen Z teens to choose the right path for them. Content performance exceeded benchmark and contributed to a 117 percent increase in traffic to the Question The Quo campaign website. The video series gave Gen Z teens a platform to speak authentically about their passions and challenges as they looked ahead to the future.