How does a goat cheese brand differentiate itself with media and influencers from the dozens of other brands inundating their inboxes and sliding into their DMs?

Making Mischief and Headlines (with Goat Cheese)

Give the Gift of Goat

Building long-term relationships with national media contacts and influencers who would write and post about Montchevre now and in the future was paramount for the team. We tapped into the humorous nature of the brand and created a mischievous goat adventure through a PR mailer packed with goat cheese, goat personality profiles and pics, and personalized goat adoption certificates. The results were literally G.O.A.T. Forty-one percent of our 65 mailer recipients posted positively on their social feeds about our quirky mailer, and within weeks, two national outlets included Montchevre in stories that were then syndicated. All told, the combined sharing of our PR package via owned and recipient social channels has garnered Montchevre 268+ million earned impressions to date.