How does a pet retailer get cats and dogs howling to their parents about latest treats and toys?

Chief Toy Tester

Letting pets speak for themselves.

As the company that will do Anything for Pets, we searched nationwide for the first-ever PetSmart Chief Toy Testers. Big personalities like Jimmy Fallon of “The Tonight Show” loved the creative job posting and helped us spread the word.


After receiving more than 22,000 applications from cat and dog hopefuls, PetSmart hired Loki and Whiskey. Loki is a charismatic 11-month-old rescue cat who can’t keep his paws off toys and is passionate about pointing his feline friends to the ideal purchases. Whiskey is an energetic dog whose talents for tricks and toy reviews will have pups nationwide yelping for the latest treat and toy releases from PetSmart.


The 2023 Chief Toy Testers were pawsitively purrfect new team members and were each contracted for $10,000 (USD/human) for the year.