How does an Italian cheese brand celebrate its 100th anniversary and raise its profile among Italian-cheese-loving consumers and retail partners in a post-pandemic environment?

Serving Up Samples and Advocacy for Stella Cheese

A Mobile Bistro Experience

Through a carefully curated mobile brand experience which delivered Italian-inspired recipes and U.S.-inspired advocacy, we reached 85,000 consumers across 11 U.S. cities; served 40,000 samples at 29 community events and grocery retailers; partnered with 12 local influencers who generated 108 pieces of content for the brand, spurring a 5 percent increase in Stella social followers within 90 days of the tour. In addition, Stella Cheese donated $40,000 to local food banks throughout the tour and surveyed 4,000+ cheese lovers, 61 percent of whom said they’d be very likely to buy Stella next time they were in the cheese aisle.